Clay “Bob” Smith

Began working at Porter’s July 2000 Straight out of high school

Married to Ashley Moore Smith
Daughter Claira Layne Smith

Clay’s hidden talent – He does not panic. Cool under pressure unless he needs a gift for his wife!!
Weirdest job ever – Let’s just say his book will be a best seller!!
Challenge he has had to overcome – Reference his nickname
Favorite quote – “Hire ya another one!”
Biggest pet peve — “just stupid plain stupid”

What do you do at Porter’s? Wrecker Service but he can do just about anything.
What do you like best about working for Porters? Never a dull moment always something new.


1. Long hair short legs – Office: Who helped you? Customer (on phone or in person): You know that long hair short leg man that sits upfront.
2. Bob – Where’s Bob? He around here somewhere?

Comments On Clay

From Ronnie – “Never had one complaint on him!”
From Patrick – “He is my right hand?”