Fall Contest

October 2017 thru December 2017 Porter’s Body Shop Wrecker Service

  1. Upload pictures of Porter’s Wrecker loaded with wrecked vehicles to your social media site (FB, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat)
  2. Use the hashtags #AlwaysClay OR #PortersBodyShop
  3. All Pics with hashtags posted will be entered into a drawing for $100 cash

Clay Smith

Began working at Porter’s July 2000 Straight out of high school

Married to Ashley Moore Smith
Daughter Claira Layne Smith

Clay’s hidden talent – He does not panic. Cool under pressure unless he needs a gift for his wife!!
Weirdest job ever – Let’s just say his book will be a best seller!!
Challenge he has had to overcome – Reference his nickname
Favorite quote – “Hire ya another one!”
Biggest pet peve — “just stupid plain stupid”

What do you do at Porter’s? Wrecker Service but he can do just about anything.
What do you like best about working for Porters? Never a dull moment always something new.


1. Long hair short legs – Office: Who helped you? Customer (on phone or in person): You know that long hair short leg man that sits upfront.
2. Bob – Where’s Bob? He around here somewhere?

Comments On Clay

From Ronnie – “Never had one complaint on him!”
From Patrick – “He is my right hand?”